Assorted Super Hot Peppers - Not Labeled
Assorted Super Hot Peppers - Not Labeled
Assorted Super Hot Peppers - Not Labeled
Assorted Super Hot Peppers - Not Labeled

Assorted Super Hot Peppers - Not Labeled

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C. Chinense & C. Baccatum - Varieties will include an assortment of peppers ranging in Heat from Bhut Jolokia, Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion and similar.

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$8 for 1 Small Flat Rate box (SFRB) 

$14 for Medium Flat Rate Box (MFRB)

$20 for Large Flat Rate Box (LFRB)  

Most of the 2020 Super Hot Grow List for Chattanooga Pepper Company:

3MSHU Chocolate DD F2

7 Pot BBG Yellow

7 Pot Brain Strain

7 Pot Brain Strain Mustard

7 Pot Brain Strain Yellow

7 Pot Douglah Chocolate

7 Pot Douglah x Moruga Choco

7 Pot Lava Chocolate

7 Pot Lava x Leviathan

7 Pot Lucy

7 Pot Peach

7 Pot Pink

7 Pot Primo 

7 Pot Primo Chocolate

7 Pot Primo Orange

7 Pot Primo Trinidad

7 Pot Primo x Purple Bhut

7 Pot Primo Yellow

7 Pot Scorpion White

7 Pot Slimer


Apocalypse Chocolate

Apocalypse Scorpion

Armageddon Chocolate

B.O.C. x Reaper Mustard F2

Bad Olive Green DD F2

Banestrain Peach

BBG Choco

BBG Chocolate Reaper

BBG Orange

BBG Pure White

BBG7 Chocolate

BBG7 Naga Orange

BBG7 Red Original

BBM x 7 Pot SR

Bhut Jolokia

Bhut Jolokia Chocolate

Bhut Jolokia Mustard

Bhut Jolokia Peach

Bhut Jolokia Orange

Bhut Jolokia White

Bhut Jolokia Yellow

Bhut x Neyde (Orange)

Bhut x Yellow Brain Strain

Bhutlah Decimator

Bhutlah Scorpion

Bhutlah XP (F4)


Big Black Mama 

Big Mustard Mama - Big Tail

Big Red Mama

Big Yellow Mama - Big Tail


Bismark Chocolate

Black Phantom Red/Black f2 v1 (Purple Phantom x Hallows Eve)

Blue Ghost Purple

Boia Chocolate DD

Borg 9 Red

Borg 9 Yellow

Brain Strain x Carolina Reaper Orange

Brazilian Moruga

Butch T BBG

Butch T Scorpion Yellow


California Reaper

Caramel Ghost

Carbonero Red

Carboruga Red

Carolina Monster - Yellow DD

Carolina Reaper

Carolina Reaper - Chocolate

Carolina Reaper - Chocolate DD

Carolina Reaper - Golden

Carolina Reaper - White DD F3

Carolina Reaper - Yellow DD

Carolina Reaper (Organic)

Carolina Reaper Orange X

Carolina Reaper Pink F5

Carolina Reaper Pink Peach F5

Carolina Reaper Purple

Carolina Reaper x 7 Pot Douglah

Carolina Reaper x 7 Pot Madballz

Carolina Reaper x Pink F4

Carolina Reaper x SRTSL F5

Carolina Reaper Yellow

Chocolate Brain Strain

Chocolate Jigsaw

Chocolate Primo Reaper

Chocoloate Bhutlah CS

Chocoloate Bhutlah SM

Concord Naga F4

CP 115 Chocolate

CP 115 Red

Da Bomb (Orange) - Bohemian Goat x Moruga

Daisy Cutter BBG

Darth Maul

Death Spiral

Douglah x Reaper

Dragon's Breath

Drax in Fire - Carbon Bhut 7 pot x Fatalii Jigsaw Gourmet

Drax in Reaper Mustard

Drax in Reaper Senape

Faddas White

Fatalii Gourmet Jigsaw

Florida Predator Red

Florida Predator Yellow


Gator Jigsaw Yellow

Genghis Khan Brain

Ghost Yaki Peach F3

Goldie Prawn

Hallows Eve

Hellboy (Big Black Mama x Choco Moruga Brain)

Hurt Berry

Ice Scream Scorpion Red

Indian Carbon Bhut Moruga

Invidia DD


Jai's Peach Ghost Scorpion

Jai's Pink F5

Jay's Ghost Scorpion Chocolate

Jay's Ghost Scorpion Red

Jay's Ghost Scorpion Yellow

Jay's Pink F4

Jay's x Pink Tiger

Jay's x Pink Tiger x Reaper

Jigsaw x Big Red Mama x Yaki Blue Fawn

Jigsaw x Moruga Red


Jonah Morich F4

JRGS x Moruga Yellow

JRGS x Primo

Khang Starr Lemon Starburst

Komodo Dragon 


Kraken Peach Original

Kraken Scorpion Chocolate

Lemon Jai's

MA Daisy Cutter Orange

MA Mutant X

MA Mutant X - Peach

MA Purple

MA Wartryx

MA Yellow Wartryx

Moruga Blackjack DD

Moruga Chocolate

Moruga Mustard DD F2

Moruga Rocher Red

Moruga Satan Strain Red

Moruga Satan Strain Yellow

Moruga Vanilla

Moruga x Fatalii Gourmet Jigsaw


MRM x 7 Pot Brown

Naga Brain Chocolate

Naglah Beast

Naglah Beast Chocolate


Odino DD F2

Orange Yaki


Pepper XXX

Pimenta Johan Red

Pimenta Leopard

Pimenta Puma BBG

Pink Tiger

Pink Tiger x Moruga

Pink Tiger x Moruga Y. Peach F3

Pink Tiger x Peach Bhut Jolokia

Pocmark Orange

Primo Orange

Primo-X (Not Chocolate)




Pumpkin BBG7 Orange 

Purple Brain Strain

Purple Death F2

Rhino F3

Scorpion x Douglah

Scotch Brain Red

Scotch Brain Yellow

Star Scream

StarrRacha Hornet

Taj Mahal Bright Orange

Testanera Choco w/ Tail

Testanera DD

Testanera Red w/ Tail

The Sin - Orange DD

Thor's Thunderbolt

Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Caramel

Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Peach

Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Red

Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Yellow

Trinidad Scorpion Sunrise Caramel

Trinidad X-Strain Variant

VV7 Red Experiment

Whacky Mustard Yaki F1

Whacky Mustard Yaki F2

Wrecking Ball CS x BBG7 (F4)

Yellow Naga Brains

Yellow Sauce Pepper (BBG7 - No Calyx)

Yellow Trash

*Please note that some varieties will not be available for sale in 2020 & Chattanooga Pepper Company will not be able to assist in identifying varieties in unlabeled boxes*

No International Shipping - Domestic Only.